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Have A Sleep Consultant Right In Your Home

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Have a sleep consultant right in your home

Ever wished you could have a sleep consultant right in your living room? Someone to take a look at how you’ve set up your baby’s room, what you do to help them to sleep, and tell you all the answers right to your face when you have questions?

There were times when my kids were little where I would’ve paid anything for that to happen.

It’s pretty cool that now Lauren, part of the Whole Night Sleep team, does that very thing!

If you live around the Calgary, Alberta area, inviting Lauren over for a house call is the most tangible option you can choose. Sound dreamy? That’s because it is!

Tell Me All About Having A Sleep Consultant In My Home!

Before Lauren steps foot into your home, she’s already preparing for her visit. She’ll schedule a 30 minute call with you, long before she stops by. Lauren goes over everything from your comforts and concerns, to ensuring her family and yours are both feeling well, and irons out all the details before her arrival. You can expect her to arrive at 6:30 PM, and see herself to the door around 9:30 PM so everyone in your home can get a good night’s rest. No night owls here!

If you were a fly on the wall, this is what you’d see.

Lauren arrives at your home, washes her hands, meets your family, and gets down to business. She’ll assess your baby’s sleep space. First for sleep safety, because that is our primary priority. Then she’ll make recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of their sleep environment to nurture those long sleep stretches you’re looking for. Among other things, think white noise, temperature, and keeping it super dark.

You’ll go over your custom sleep plan together (based on the sleep training methods we suggest), and do your bedtime routine as usual. To start, Lauren is there to observe and let you do your thing. She’ll step out of your child’s room, cause there’s nothing soothing or routine for your baby when there’s a stranger hanging around, right? She’ll watch what you’re doing through your monitor, and be in communication with you with any observations or tips for a peaceful bedtime. After your little one has fallen asleep, she’ll sit down with you and go over everything you want to know. Here’s where you’ll learn exactly what to do if/when your little one wakes up, and tackle sleep hurdles like naps, awake windows, the crap nap trap, and troubleshooting when things go off the rails.

Adjusting how sleep works in your home can feel intimidating. We’ve all been there! But Lauren is totally here for you. She’s a sleep expert, a safe place, and gets behind the goals you have for your family. As a mom herself, she knows all about what you’re going through - and has come out the other side!

If you’re worried that everything will fall apart after Lauren steps out your door, she’s got you covered there too! You’ll have her on voice chat for bedtime support in real time during the second night, plus the usual support your package offers going forward. Things seem straightforward on paper, but sometimes little ones don’t play by the rules. You’ll have your questions answered, so you always feel confident in how you’re supporting your child’s sleep, and reaching the results you’re looking for.

Set Yourself Up For Success FASTER!

So how does in-home support help you get ahead when you’re sleep training?


Having that face to face meeting helps foster your friendship with Lauren. You’ll quickly trust her as she guides you through it all, and gives you immediate feedback. She sees what you’re seeing, and she can jump right in if you need a hand. Seeing sleep success has as much to do with making a bunch of little tweaks to your baby’s sleep as making big changes does.

Having Lauren there means you’ll solve so many of your sleep hang-ups on the very first night, instead of dragging them out with trial and error (or just not knowing!). One of the best things you can do for your little one as they learn how to put themselves to sleep is to stay clear and consistent. Changing up how you do things each night is confusing for everyone, so addressing everything on the first night is an excellent start.

Lauren will be there to answer your questions, reassure you that things are common or normal, and spot any potential red flags. She’ll prevent things from becoming a bigger problem for you a lot quicker than solely through sleep logs or chat support.

By the second night, you’ll see drastic improvements because everything was ironed out the night before. Then it’s up to you to continue practicing this new way of supporting sleep!

If you’re in the Calgary area, and want everyone to start sleeping better sooner, there’s no substitute for a house call!

Remember, sleep (or lack thereof!) is only a problem if you feel like it is. If you’re prioritizing safe sleep and are happy to do everything else your way, go for it! But if you don’t like how things are going, there’s nothing selfish about wanting to change it. If you want more rest for you and your little, there’s no shame in working with a sleep consultant to make it happen!

If you know that in-home support is your answer, book a call with Lauren to get your sleep back on track. She’s kind, understanding, and knows exactly how to help your whole house get back on track.


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