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Cozy Tips When the Temperature Dips

Has anyone else had to endure a major cold snap lately? I’m no stranger to cold weather where I live, but WOW it’s been cold lately. Let’s just say I’ve been wearing my favourite wool sweater on repeat, and there has been a lot of time snuggled under blankets. Sounds kinda dreamy, actually.

But with the cold weather, comes the questions about whether your little bundle is staying warm enough while they sleep – and rightfully so! The thought of a baby being chilly in their crib is enough to make any parent break out in a cold sweat. But as usual, I’m here to calm your fears around your baby’s sleep, and give you the tools on how you can keep them toasty while they slumber.

Clothing Matters

If you’ve heard the expression “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing”, it totally applies here. The best way to combat a chilly night for your babe is by adding layers. Adding a onesie (long or short sleeved) under their sleeper will go a loooong way for them. What’s important here is that the materials are breathable and will allow your babe’s temperature to regulate. This means clothing made of cotton, wool, or bamboo for each layer. It also means ditching the fleece sleepers. Are you shocked? It seems counterintuitive, right? The trouble with fleece is that it’s made of materials that don’t breathe, so baby can actually get too warm.

Pro Tip: If your little one’s sleeper is footless, don’t forget socks to cover their little tootsies!

I also believe in quality materials when it comes to winter wear – even for jammies! Those extra touches of merino wool or bamboo go a long way when you want your littles to be cozy. I’ve recently found a new fave company called Ry & Pen when it comes to my kiddo’s pjs. This small business is Canadian, run by a mom & dad, and gives back 25% of their profits to local charities. How could I not love them?!

Their pjs are made of all those glorious warm and breathable materials I keep talking about, and they have a simple, luxurious aesthetic that has previously been all too hard to find.

I love them so much that I was able to snag a discount code for you all! Use the code WHOLENIGHT to get 20% off your whole purchase! Nothing like buttery soft sleepwear for your babies and kiddos.

The Right Tools

Once you have your baby’s base layers down pat, the next big thing is their sleep sack. This is a key player when it comes to your babe being warm enough when the temperatures drop.

There are two major ways to go about a winter approved sleep sack:

  1. Increase the TOG

  2. Beef up the materials

If you’re wondering “What the heck is a TOG?” that’s a super fair question! TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade, and it’s basically the measure of weight and warmth that each sleep sack has. 1.0 is a standard, most weather weight. If you want to get a warmer sleep sack, I recommend a 2.5 rating for the winter.

If you want to keep your sleep sack the same weight as normal, but still be especially cozy, then the materials are the ticket. Snag a sleep sack with a wool component so that it is both breathable and snuggly for your little one. And no, having wool doesn’t mean it’s going to be itchy for your baby. Before you ask (I know you will!), I have 2 favourite wool sleep sack recommendations that I tell all my friends about.

You’ve already heard my love for Ry & Pen, and they have sleep sacks that contain merino wool. It’s made of SUCH a nice combo of wool and bamboo, and is a perfect pair to those soft and cozy jammies (Don’t forget my WHOLENIGHT code so you get that discount!). All A+ options in my opinion.

The other sleep sack I love is by Woolino. This one is heavy on the wool, but not on the weight! Wool works in all seasons, but its time to shine is certainly the cold months. People rave about it, and I can definitely see why! – No more chilly nights for your little one.

PS. Who doesn’t love a discount? Get 10% off with my code WHOLENIGHTSLEEP10

What NOT to Do

You know I’m not the bossy type, but I do have to draw a firm line in the sand here. When it comes to safe sleep matters, I don’t kid around. Always follow safe sleep practices (you can find Health Canada’s official recommendations over here), even when you’re concerned about the temperature. You can have both, so there’s no reason to play fast and loose with the rules.

Make sure that blankets stay out of the crib if your child is under 1 year old. And never use heating pads, electric blankets, or any other heating device around your little one. I also don’t recommend the use of space heaters in a baby’s room either.

The temperature in baby’s room should be about 20-21 degrees Celsius (68-72 Fahrenheit), so no need to crank the heat. But do ensure that baby’s crib is away from any windows to avoid a cool draft. As always, hats or hoods have no place with baby when they sleep.

Know that if your little one is cold (or too hot!), they’ll let you know! If you’re still concerned, remember that baby’s cool hands are not necessarily an indication of their core body temperature. Instead, feel the back of their neck to see if they’re hot or cold.

Have more questions than answers about your baby’s sleep? It’s a tough place to be! Schedule a free 15 minute call with me and we can see what fits best for yourself and your baby. I’m so ready to help you get your sleep again!

And just so we’re clear, there are a couple of affiliate codes in here. So yes, if you use them, I will get a small kick back. But I hope we know each other well enough by now that you trust that I would only recommend products to you that I would also recommend to my best friend. I take your trust very seriously!


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