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What it’s Actually Like Working with a Sleep Consultant

Updated: May 18, 2022

whole night sleep consulting
Working with a sleep consultant

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work with someone like me? I mean, what it’s actually like?

I know many of you are too polite to ask, but I’d like to put it out there because I’ve been hearing SO many misconceptions about sleep training, or what I actually help you with (and how!). So I’m here to set the record straight.

Very important, I want you to know that this is always a safe space. Your questions, your concerns, your values as a parent – they all matter. And they’re all things that are taken into consideration when I write your custom sleep plan, and how we approach your babe’s sleep support.

For Starters…

We all know that each child is different, and so is your household situation. So more than likely, that middle of the night Googling you’ve been doing is not going to get you the restful nights you’re looking for. When you work with me, it’s interactive. We come up with a plan that is specific to your child (something that reading a book just doesn’t offer!) that works for where they’re at, and where you want to go. Have multiple kids? Single parenting? Spouse that works nights or travels? This will change how we approach things that reading online just doesn’t adapt to.

As we get started, I provide you with key informational goodies like sleep safety (the absolute most important part here!), putting a plan in place, and education on why your little one is experiencing the sleep hurdles they are – and how you can help them! This goes a long way for the parents, as they learn the whys and the hows in responding to their little one effectively when they experience any bumps in the road. Families (including parents!) learn skills for their baby’s sleep and how to handle tricky situations like night wakings or how to lengthen naps.

What it’s Not

Here’s what sleep training with me isn’t. It’s not a generic, one-size-fits-all plan. It’s not more tears than success, feeling left on your own, or questioning your instincts as a parent. I work with families in a way that makes sense to a parent/child relationship. Want to continue night feeds? Go for it! Want to comfort your baby? That’s what a parent does! But keep in mind that there will be some routine adjustments when it comes to sleep (you are looking to see some results after all…), which can be a bit of a change for everyone. It might feel hard for a few days, but trust me when I tell you that even if your baby doesn’t like it, they are 100% safe. And you and baby will both be pleased as punch when everyone is sawing logs at night instead of yawning up a storm. I am not here to leave you feeling like your heart is on the floor while your baby is adapting to these changes. That just won’t happen.

Then What?

Whether we’re working together for 2 weeks or 3, you’ll have me for virtual support (any other Voxer fans out there?) for the times when you doubt yourself or aren’t sure if you’re doing things effectively. I’ll also have my eyes on your sleep logs so that I can spot any trends, hiccups, make suggestions, and cheer you on! Reading the sleep logs is such a highlight of my day as I see each of my clients learning to crush their sleep goals!

Voxer support means we can message and converse “walkie-talkie” style with ease. Having this support means you’re never left high and dry when you’re not sure what to do.

Want 1:1 support at bed time? “Bedtime Support” is one of my fave package add-ons because you’ll have me (via Voxer) in real time, giving you support right away as things come up. Better yet, if you’re in the Calgary area, you can have me in person to help you through the bedtime battles. If that’s something you want to book, contact me here for all the important details.

whole night sleep consulting
Whole Night Sleep Consulting

At the end of our time together, the big finale is our wrap up call! I get really invested in your family and their sleep, so sometimes saying goodbye is difficult for me! We go over all of the wonderful progress you and baby have made, and I also prepare you for some of the upcoming hurdles you’re likely to face (Ahem… regressions, milestones, & developments) and set you up for sleep success.

Congrats! You’re on your way to restful nights for you and your little. No matter what you choose, each of my services can be found on my website over here, or if

you have any burning questions for me, I’d love to hear them! Contact me directly here, or you can always find me on Instagram to chat.


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