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andrea, whole night sleep consultant, paediatric sleep specialist, registered nurse, alberta canada

Hello and welcome! My name is Andrea and I am a mother of two young children (Iver, 3 and Gwen, 1). As a family, we have benefitted firsthand from the nourishing rhythms healthy sleep habits established in our home. But it certainly wasn't this way from the beginning. I remember the sleep struggle with my firstborn vividly. Like so many new parents, my husband Dan and I just didn't know what we needed to know, and as a result, our whole family was struggling with how to find the rest we needed. Thankfully, after learning and implementing wholesome sleep strategies, we witnessed a radical improvement in our overall well being! 


From this transformative personal experience and my many years working as a labour & delivery nurse, I knew I wanted to share this information with other families who feel like sleep is just beyond grasp. I want to assure you, healthy sleep is attainable and necessary for a family to function optimally in all areas. Hence, Whole Night Sleep Consulting was born! 

Sleep consulting is my passion and I am sincerely grateful for every family I meet who entrusts their sleep rhythm to me. Together, I am confident we can have your sweet baby resting peacefully and as a result, your whole family in a much happier state. To schedule a free consultation, you can reach me here.

Whole Night Sleep Consulting uses gentle solutions that best suit your child and family. We do our very best to make this process as easy as possible for your child. But, with any sort of change there will be pushback. Investing in Whole Night Sleep Consulting gives your family a personalized plan and one on one support and guidance. 

Plans and advice provided by Whole Night Sleep Consulting should never replace advice or directions from your doctor or medical professional.


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Schedule a free 15 minute phone call at your convenience! This initial phone call is meant to familiarize me with your current sleep challenges and discuss how I can be of service. From there, we can move forward with creating a custom sleep program for your baby and your family.


Predictable, nourishing sleep rhythms are well within reach for your family and I have every confidence we can achieve them together.

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Andrea has been an absolutely blessing to our family. I reached out to her when I was simply exhausted. It is easy to feel there is no end in sight when it comes to the long sleepless nights. From our first conversation, I knew I wanted to work with Andrea. She was so understanding, and genuinely cared about getting our whole family sleeping better at night. Our plan was perfectly suited for our son, and within three nights he was sleeping 10 - 12 hours, and taking his naps in his crib - something that he had never done before! Her approach was both gentle and effective, and because we knew why we were taking the steps we were, it was much easier to stick to the plan. I would recommend Andrea in a heartbeat to any family struggling with sleep! She is not only extremely knowledgeable, but very encouraging and caring! She has helped bring sanity back to my life and joy to my days being a mom!


Andrea's compassionate guidance and support has turned our sleep situation from an exhausted struggle to peaceful daydream! My infant daughter Auguste needed a combination of soother and rocking to fall asleep, and after being placed asleep in her bassinet, she would wake an hour and a half later (in the night) or 30 minutes later (for daytime naps). That isn't including the nights when she simply cried in my arms and nothing I did helped her to fall asleep. Needless to say we were all exhausted. A dear friend referred us to Andrea who took us along a clear and gentle path to sleep. Andrea showed genuine passion about helping families find sleep. She gave us specific guidance that was based in sound sleep theory and practical experience. She answered all our questions clearly. After nights when I was sure I had failed and made all the wrong decisions, speaking with Andrea bolstered my confidence and prepared me for the next night. It's been two and a half weeks and the changes have been dramatic. Auguste awakes happy and she is more alert during the day. I can't thank Andrea enough, and I can't encourage others more - if you feel like you are ready to sleep train your child, let Andrea be the one who guides you through it.


And the award for ‘best decision ever made goes to!’ Me! For reaching out to Andrea! I was a wreck when I reached out to Andrea. Quin was waking every 60-90 mins at night. I was delirious and couldn’t think straight. I thought I was setting the stage for his sleep but Andrea quickly found the holes in my plan and supported me through it all. She is very warm, understanding and easy to talk to. I am finally feeling human again and can see a future of good sleeps ahead of me. All I want for Christmas is a full nights sleep.. and I think Santa is gonna come through for this mama! Lol