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5 Surefire Ways to Help Your Little One Sleep Through Fireworks

I know it’s still June, but I already have July on my mind.

To me, July is the BEST month! The kids are off school, we get the best summer weather, and there are so many fun things to do. But do you know what July also means?


Canada Day is July 1st, and you know what that means! Gatherings, BBQs, face paint,

Help you baby sleep through fireworks this summer
5 Surefire Ways to Help Your Little One Sleep Through Fireworks

And a whole lotta fireworks.

And I know there are a lot of proud Americans in the room, so we can’t forget about all of the 4th of July celebrations coming up right after it! Which I’m told is the same drill - food, friends, and fireworks!

Fireworks are a great way to commemorate a celebration, and most people love them! Unless you’re a dog or a small child… right? Loud, startling sounds aren’t exactly the lullaby your little one expects to help them go to sleep.


I still want you to enjoy the festivities and enjoy celebrating your country of course. But sometimes doing that looks a bit different than it did before kids. Parent life… right?

  1. For starters, can we all agree that by the time it’s dark enough for fireworks, babies just wanna be in bed. I recommend that the littlest ones in your family skip the fireworks and enjoy their slumber instead of out where there is loud noise and light. Ideally they would be in their bed on time, so they can fall into a nice deep sleep before it’s dark enough for any of the action to start. I’m sorry to rain on your celebration, but when your kids are under 2, it’s best they sit this one out. There’s always next year, right?

2. Remember to keep their routine the same, especially if disruptions to their sleep are possible. Doing their usual bedtime routine helps to signal to their brain that it's time for bed - just like any other night of the week. You want to help them go to sleep easily so they don’t get overtired, and get as much solid sleep in as possible. If you find yourself camping or on the road for the celebrations, routine is key - just like at home.

3. Lean on your white noise. Arming yourself with good ol white noise helps drown out the extra sounds your little one could be hearing. You might want to turn it up a bit, but remember it shouldn’t be over 50 decibels. I did this at home when my bathroom was being renovated, and my kiddos slept through noises that were a lot louder than fireworks - and they were right down the hall! If you’re looking for a great white noise option, this one is my fave.

4. Startled? Go in and comfort them. In the event that they do wake up from the fireworks (sometimes it happens, despite our best efforts!) go help them! While I often teach my clients to let babe settle themselves in most circumstances, being jolted awake by bright lights and loud sounds is waaaay out of expectations for what they can realistically go back to sleep through. If they need comfort, make it happen!

This also goes for using a “sleep crutch” that you know will work. If rocking or feeding to sleep will help calm them, you have my full blessing given the circumstances. Just remember to jump back into healthy sleep habits the next night.

5. Go off schedule when you know it’s going to help in the long run. A common misconception surrounding sleep is that you’re stuck doing the exact same thing every night for the rest of your lives, or else your babe won’t sleep. The beautiful thing is that actually, the opposite is true! If your child is a bit older, and you anticipate staying up past bedtime to partake in the festivities, try having them nap during the day (longer than usual, or at all!), sleep in the next morning, or ensure an earlier bedtime the following night. Enjoy your fireworks, but also make sure you make up the lost sleep somewhere, okaaay?

It’s no secret that independent sleepers will handle disruptions (like a major fireworks display!) better than babies who haven’t learned to yet. They’re more able to put themselves back to sleep if they’ve woken up, or just sleep through it altogether. So while independent sleep isn’t something you can teach on the fly during a fireworks display, it’s definitely something that will help you if you’ve prepared in advance.

If quality sleep feels like a dream, I’ve got you covered! You can check out the ways I can help you, or if you have questions, book your free discovery call. Sleep doesn’t have to be complicated, but it sure is life changing! I’m here to help you enjoy your life again.


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