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Controlling What You Can For Great Sleep

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

The when and where your baby sleeps can have such an impact on the quality of their rest.

If you’ve ever found yourself out somewhere, unprepared when your little babe needs a nap, I

bet you’ve totally experienced this! I’m not in the business of creating high maintenance babies, or telling moms to never leave the house so their baby can enjoy their nap “just so.” But I do know that a little preparation can go a long way when it comes to getting the kind of nap where you wake up and wonder what day it is.

Notice I said “Controlling what you can”? Just a gentle reminder not to stress out about your little one’s sleep if they have an “off” day. They’re humans, not robots. These tips are great to help encourage your babe to slumber soundly, but if they’re just not having it, it doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong, okay? Okay.

So how do you create a worthwhile sleep environment that is both effective and simple?

Keep It Consistent

Whatever things you do before bed at home, do them when you’re out! If you always get a fresh diaper, read a story, and put on a sleep sack, do that wherever you are! This creates familiarity and security for your little one, which are two key parts of getting good rest. Ever tried to sleep when you’re anxious? It’s not easy! Whether it’s a surprise nap at someone else’s house, or you’re away from home for a few nights, they’ll expect the status quo. Doing the things they’re used to to signal sleep will go far in helping them feel secure and settle in for some ZZZs.

What else is important? Precise Awake Windows.

Just like at home, knowing your Awake Windows is key to having a babe go to sleep pretty seamlessly. Undertired baby? They’ll be too interested in partying than taking a siesta. Overtired baby? It’ll be a fight to get them to sleep - even though that’s just the thing they want! Tighten up those Awake Windows to prevent that from happening in the future.

A change of scenery can be so great for your wellbeing - especially if you’re feeling a little “stuck” at home. I’ll be the last to tell you that having a baby means that life needs to be put on hold. Buuuut, we also need to respect the sleep schedules of the youngest among us. We want our babies to be flexible, but we’re not here to be unfair, right? So where’s the balance? Do your best to mimic your child’s typical sleep environment. Try to find a quiet room, but even a bathroom, or good sized closet will do. Any port in a storm. Just make sure there’s nothing that could fall in or around your baby’s sleep space, and nothing they could pull in.

Worth The Hype

It’s all in the goodies - and a bit of forethought. I’m not one to push you to buy a bunch of “stuff”, but when I find products that are actually worth the hype, I have to let you know! What kind of friend would I be if I withheld something that would make your life better, right? Not me!

If you’re already on baby product overload, start with things you already have at home. Your child’s favourite stuffed friend (If they’re at least a year old of course), their usual sleep sack, and a crib sheet with their familiar smell are a great start to ease the change in environment.

If you’re not opposed to a new baby gadget, my absolute favourites are the Slumberpod & Sleepout blackout curtains. Both do a phenomenal job of making it so, so dark to encourage a nice long snooze. Sleepout blinds are portable, light, and fit just about any window. The Slumberpod creates a safe, dark, contained space - everything baby needs to support their sleep.

And because we’re such good friends, I’ll let you in on a little secret. I have discount codes for both of those incredible products, so if spectacular sleep on the go is right up your alley, use code WHOLENIGHTSLEEPCONSULTING$20 for the Slumberpod, and WHOLENIGHT10 for the Sleepout curtains.

As you know, I’m also a huge fan of white noise. So make sure that’s doing its thing to block out the usual sounds.

To address the elephant in the room, I’m not here to create a high maintenance sleeper. I totally get that sometimes you just aren’t here for trucking around everything you own, just so they can nap somewhere else. The truth is, a child who’s well rested will go into a new sleep scenario with more flexibility, and ability to sleep much better than one who is already tired. If your little one is already struggling with sleep, a new environment will be more difficult to navigate.

Driving the Struggle Bus when it comes to sleep? Download my 5 Ways To Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night guide (it’s free!) to get you on your way. Or if you'd prefer custom 1:1 help, I’m here for that too! Booking your free call is the first step.


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