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The Sleep Products That Actually Help Your Baby Sleep

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

I think we’re all aware that there are a TON of baby products on the market - more than any baby could use if they tried!

A baby product that actually works!
White noise machine is a sleep MUST!

From the cutest outfits, to things that promise an easier time parenting, or a happier baby, stores have expectant parents lined up with cash in hand! I’ll admit, I fell for a lot of this stuff early on in my parenting days. I believed the marketing and just plain didn’t know any better.

As you can imagine, the part that really gets me now as a sleep consultant are the products that promise a better sleep for your baby. Believe me, when I was desperate for sleep, I would’ve paid just about anything for a few extra hours.

I’ve tried SO MANY sleep products in my time, and I’ll tell you as a sleep expert which ones my favourites are (and why!). But there’s something you need to know first:

There is no miracle product that will fix your baby’s sleep.

Make no mistake, these products can enhance your baby’s sleep, but first they need to know how to sleep independently. Nothing you can buy from a store will actually teach your baby to sleep, okay? Without these healthy sleep habits you’ll still be going to them time after time in the night - even with the best products.

The exception to this is of course the newborn stage. I think we know that all bets are off when they’re brand new. Little babies need to wake for all kinds of reasons in the night - tiny tummies need filling, itty bitty diapers need changing, or there’s gas, the Moro reflex, or just plain needing to be held close to their parent. And you know what? That’s how it should be at their age - they have needs that don’t stop overnight, and that is A-okay. If you’re looking to optimize newborn sleep in a gentle, age appropriate way, take a look at my newborn sleep guide that breaks down everything you need to know about newborn sleep.

Here’s what I do know; when you combine solid sleep skills with tools that take things up a notch, that’s where the magic happens.

Ready to experience some of that magic?

White noise. You knew I’d say that, right? White noise muffles out every older sibling, barking dog, and poorly timed doorbell ring (Looking at you, Amazon guy…). It blocks out all the things you can’t plan for and helps them sleep through it. Having white noise as part of your trusty sleep routine helps signal to them that sleep is coming while they’re still getting ready for bed.

My favrourite is by HoMedics - It’s low profile, runs by battery or being plugged in, runs all night long, and just has 1 tiny little light that can easily be covered. I can’t believe all the baby sleep gadgets that have so many lights - talk about counterproductive.

Okay to Wake clocks are excellent once your little baby turns into an older toddler. These pair great with that big transition from crib into a big bed because your 3 year old is experiencing new freedom they didn’t have, and it often includes leaving their room. If you’re new to these, they change colour at a certain time of day to let your child know when they’re okay to come out of their bed.

The Gro Clock is practically a family heirloom in my house. I’ve used one for each of my 3 kids because it doesn’t break the bank, and it sure does the job! They really nip those 5:00 AM surprise room visitors in the bud.

Hatch. If you’d rather forgo the clutter of having 2 separate machines in your kid’s room, try the Hatch! It has all the features of effective white noise, an okay to wake clock, and is bluetooth so you can control it with your phone. Not to mention it’s more aesthetically pleasing than a lot of similar products. So if that’s important to you, try the Hatch!

Swaddles, swaddles, swaddles are a great tool for longer stretches of sleep when your baby is little. Swaddles mimic a womb-like environment, which gives them all the comfort and familiarity of what they knew. There are so many great swaddles out there, but my fave is the Swaddlini. It’s great because it’s tighter where it’s more beneficial for a snug fit, but looser where it matters (think legs & hips!). Aaaaand the other big plus is that their arms are separate, so it’s a great piece for when you’re transitioning from swaddles into a sleep sack.

Remember, swaddling is wonderful, but becomes a major safety concern once your little one starts rolling. Around the 3 month mark (give or take) or when you see signs of rolling is when you need to transition to a sleep sack instead.

Sleep sacks. These have to be the most quintessential sleep support item out there. And you know why? They. Are. Everything! Sleep sacks quickly answer all kinds of sleep hurdles. Want your baby to be cozy in their crib in any season? Sleep sack. Concerned about safe sleep or loose blankets? Sleep sack. Need to deter them from climbing out of their crib? Sleep sack. They’re the answer to everything!

Sleep sacks are glorious, and my two favourite brands are Woolino and Ry & Pen. Woolino is fantastic, especially if you live in a climate like mine where we have serious temperature swings throughout the seasons. Like its name suggests, it’s made of wool. So you know you’re covered for toasty warm winter nights, and a sleep sack that breathes so no one overheats in the stifling summers. No need for different TOG sleep sacks here!

Even better? I have a discount for you! Use the code WHOLENIGHT to save 10% off this beauty.

If your climate isn’t as wild as mine, take a look at Ry & Pen. This Canadian company is run by a young family that is out to make excellent quality, good looking sleep sacks & jammies. Aaaand they’re committed to donating 25% of their annual profits to children's charities in Canada. That checks all of my boxes! They use bamboo and merino wool, so these beauties are made from breathable materials - another important component of safe sleep.

Like what you see? Save 20% of your first order when you use my code WHOLENIGHT

Blackout Blinds are another one of my go-tos when it comes to better sleep. Especially as we have more hours of daylight in the summer months, relying on your regular blinds (even if they claim to be blackout!) just doesn’t cut it. BlackoutEZ Blinds are great for a more permanent solution that works hard to keep the heat out too, or Sleepout curtains for portable, versatile options that are great for travel and letting the light in when you want it to.

Pssst! I have a Sleepout code for you too! Use WHOLENIGHT10 for your tasty little discount!

It wouldn’t be a sleep consultant’s favourites list without a Slumberpod, right? If you find yourself anywhere but your child’s usual sleep space, a Slumberpod sure comes in handy. Whether your child is room sharing temporarily, in a hotel, on vacation, or somewhere that’s especially bright, a Slumberpod creates a blackout space that is totally their own. That means you don’t have to go to bed at the same time as your kid when you’re in a hotel, and no 5 AM wake ups from the sun.

Did you notice that some of the biggest, most marketed sleep products didn’t make the list? There are some products that have made a fortune, but as an expert I have serious reservations about when it comes to safety, cost, or creating a dependency on it. Save your nickels and support your child’s sleep by actually teaching them how.

If you’re stuck on where to begin, know that I’m here for you! The hundreds of families that I’ve successfully helped get their littles ones to sleep will attest that it really is possible, and it doesn’t have to be scary!

Want to be the next one sleeping well? Book your free call, or chat with me directly with your questions!


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